A bit about me & how I work

My name is Marketa Divina and I am the sole entrepreneur of DIVMAR studios. Why studios? Because I like to paint and draw. I use these skills in my designs and I start every project with a sketchbook and pencil; though every final product is done on the computer.

I take a personalized approach to each project. I look at the project from your customer’s point of view, to clearly and simply communicate your message. I mentally build a picture of the overall project and I sketch my ideas; next, I select the most interesting of these sketches and digitize them for us to review together.

With your feedback and input, we will create something suitable for your needs. I think that authenticity and uniqueness are the future of marketing and sales strategies. Be yourself and be proud of what you do; show who you really are and what your business is all about by creating trust and a deep emotional response. I believe that people are curious and willing to support other people as well as their businesses as long as they can see who you are and what you do. A partnership with your designer will help deliver this message.

What to expect

We will meet. I prefer a face-to-face meeting; where we can build trust and where I can listen to your business story. Alternately, a video conference is possible. This is a crucial part of the process, where I get a sense of your ideas and expectations. We will begin working as a team, as your feedback and input are vital to a successful outcome.

Research. I look at the competition and search for a common visual message which is used to present similar businesses, products, or services. A ‘mood board’ is another step to narrowing down the design process. It is a concept of colours, photos, fonts, etc., that serves as a guideline to ensure a cohesive visual theme that will best serve to present your project.

I go through my sketches/ideas and choose the most interesting ones. I am trying to achieve a unique design and for that reason, I rarely use stock photos and designs. This part could be called a “computer mess”. My working documents usually include tans options and I work through them to polish a couple of the designs that I find most appealing.

When I am satisfied with the result I will send you the final mock-up for your feedback. Even having done this for many years, getting your reaction is one of my favourite parts of this process. If you love it or hate it. If I was able to capture your personality as well as the personality of the project in a way that you feel works for you and your business.

A lot of this work happens behind closed doors, so I would like to take an opportunity to ask you to share all your ideas and concepts at the beginning of the whole process. There is nothing more unfortunate than when you receive the final design and we find out that you had something else in mind. Expressing your ideas beforehand can save both of us a lot of time, effort, and money.

My goal is to create high-quality designs that help businesses stand out and speak to their audience. My mission is to show that good design matters, that it provides a professional and positive impact on your business. My vision is to build a relationship with you based on your satisfaction that will encourage repeat business and for you to want to give recommendations.

Education & Experiences

Nudged by the influence of my artistic father, I learned at a young age how inspiring art and nature could be. It is no surprise that the countless hours of drawing I engaged in would lead me to a career that created a visual experience for my clients.

I was born in the Czech Republic where I graduated from Graphic Design Art College in Prague. The college was an exceptional time and environment where I met many excellent professors. In the four years, studying sketching, drawing, painting, design, I had a unique opportunity to broaden my skills and talents and prepare for my career.

My career in the Czech Republic earned me extensive experience in advertising, production, and printing technologies. I also became the leader of an agency’s graphic design department.

In Canada, I worked for a ticketing company which gave me the opportunity to learn about the entertainment sector as well as online promotion.

The present freelance journey provides me with a new passion and energy. I love working directly with my customers and approaching each project with a desire to create a unique and custom experience for the client and their customers. The experience of leading and promoting my own business also translates into a benefit for the client.

My devotion to quality design with a strong emphasis on simple communication with my client’s audience leads me to never stop learning and searching for new trends and technologies.