Case Study: Natrix logo

Natrix is a swimming club for toddlers with a private swimming pool since 2011. Their swim center is custom-built for teaching newborns, toddlers, and preschool children.  ‘Natrix’ is classical Latin for water snake. It was probably influenced through folk etymology by the Latin nare and natare meaning “swim”;[5][6] it appears to be a grammatically feminine word for “swimmer”. (Thanks Wikipedia!) Their mission is to provide the best quality swimming training by a highly educated staff recruited from the nursing and medical fields under the highest hygiene requirements.


Teal: The natural choice for water, reminiscent of oceans, lakes and swimming pools. Teal blends blue’s tranquil stability with green’s optimism and healing properties. Teal is the colour of restfulness and mental and spiritual balance.

Pink/Purple: Representative of love and passion for swimming and water.  Pink means love, calm, warmth, and care. Purple is creativity, stimulation, and compassion.


There is no font used in the word Natrix because none suited my purposes and I aimed for an original playful and childlike design, inspired by bubbly, cartoon-type fonts that create a cheerful and happy layout.

For the swimming club tagline, I used Malgum Gothic as it serves content and headline purposes as well as being simple and clear, balancing the enthusiastic style of the Natrix logotype.


In creating this logo I kept in mind the target audience of parents and especially their babies/kids. The goal was a colourful, playful look, but I started by researching and sketching real snakes and working through their cartoonish appearance. Two snakes appear because we always have more fun together. The Natrix text is custom drawn to have a cartoony, bubbly, balloon animal feel. The process involved sketching each snake and the words Nat and Rix separately, which when finalized were outlined in black pen and scanned into the computer. Shadows, highlights, and final clours are all done as vector graphics.