Case Study: Bromil logo

Bromil s.r.o. is a medium-sized farm located in a central Bohemian region close to Prague, Czech Republic.  It is a beautiful place with fruit orchards, lavender fields and more, owned by a young couple whose family has been in farming for generations. I am a big fan of their business, and I was honoured to work with them on multiple label projects for their products. I had designed the original Bromil logo years ago, but with time and experience, I offered a redesign. The colour scheme and leaves remained, but a new concept was born.


Red is passionate, warm, vibrant. Red is energizing. Red is considered powerful. Red is a bold colour, which makes one stand out from the crowd and influences the way others see them.

Black is symbolic of mystery, elegance, sophistication, power, and strength. It stands for earth and soil. Black text is also easy to read on a light background.

Green is a dominant colour in nature that represents natural environments. Green symbolizes harmony, tranquillity, peace. As a soothing, relaxing colour, it enhances stability and endurance. It is associated with growth and renewal.


There is no set font used for the logo, but it is a sans serif type shape with a technical, industrial accent. A complementary font to use is the Helvetica family which is a very elegant sans serif front with many styles, perfect for headlines and content.


I hold farmers and their hard work in the highest regard and the main inspiration for the design was a connection. The connection between farmers, the food chain, seasons, produce and us. The text of the Bromil logo isn’t a set font because no font suited my vision of letters being connected and creating one structure. In creating the logo, I considered the industrial and mechanical aspects of farming sought to maintain that while softening the look with rounded corners. The red dot stands for fruits and yield. Leaves stand for their orchards and green underline for fields and farmland. The black colour of Bromil text stands for soil and dirt.