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The creative graphic design solution for your business, because visual appearance matters: websites, logos, branding, labels, packaging, business cards and more.

What is graphic design? Everything around you, every label, product package, newspaper, magazine, logo, business card, phone app, website, behind all of it are people like me working on computers, drawing, sketching, thinking about how to make things attractive to encourage your customers to purchase your product or service.

Why is graphic design important? Graphic design is where projects, products, and services get a visual appeal for the world to see. Designers use colours, shapes, fonts, images and much more to evoke an emotional response that makes people more likely to purchase or experience something. Creating a simple storytelling message in an aesthetically appealing package is the main purpose of good design.

Why should you contact and partner with a graphic designer? Engaging the services of a graphic designer allows you to achieve a unique and cohesive theme for your internet presence and/or physical products. While services such as Canva or Shopify exist, allowing you to quickly set up a template-based, generic internet storefront, a custom, the original design will send a clear visual message to potential customers, increasing engagement and sales.

When should you find your graphic designer? When starting a new business or project, when considering rebranding, or when you are developing a new product. The designer will guide you through the process of selecting the right look for your site or product packaging. This process is teamwork, the designer will collaborate closely with you to present your business to your customers in a way that makes a lasting impression.

George Panayi, Meet me for coffee

Marketa at DIVMAR studios took my idea and made it a reality. She is very easy to work with, does her research, and helps formulate your ideas until you’re satisfied.

Brad Adams, Red Barn Baskets

We contacted Marketa to design a logo for us for a new brand we were wanting to build called “Red Barn Baskets”. After sharing our thought and ideas for the brand identity we wanted, we received several concepts about 2 days later. We spent some time reviewing them internally and were able to give feedback to Marketa which produced a round of revisions that were much closer to what we were looking for. A few more tweaks and we were completed. Overall I would recommend Marketa and her company for logo and brand identity work. She was fast, efficient, reasonably priced and able to capture what we wanted concisely.

Sherri Barna, Purple Bean Media

Working with Marketa is amazing! She brings ideas to life and is incredibly gifted. I’m so grateful that we are able to work together on multiple graphic design projects.

Johnny I.

Marketa is an exceptional, professional, and multi-faceted graphic and illustrative designer who consistently creates beautiful clean works of art. She has a remarkable ability for detail and passion to design within the confines of a brand or create a completely new vision. Whether you need a logo, brochure, poster, business card, website concept, or artwork, Marketa is easy to work with, committed to deadlines, and delivers consistent results. I highly recommend her for all your design projects.

Tomas Brozek, Bromil

I would like to thank Marketa for the calm and patience with which she accepted new, and more new information, which we provided her during the design of our labels. The experience and professionalism that Marketa displays in her communication about our vision resulted in the excellence of her final proposal. The culmination of our work together are labels that reflect our expectations and perfectly showcase our products. With many thanks, I look forward to our future collaborations!

Chrystal Regnier, Clarity with Chrystal

I had an outstanding experience working with Marketa. She is extremely talented, professional and creative. Marketa went above and beyond what I could have ever expected. She took the time to really understand my vision. Her creativeness was impressive and she created a logo that was exactly what I was looking for, with very little input from me. She created an entire branding package which is professional and in line with my vision. She was patient and thorough, ensuring I had all the files I needed for various projects and uses. Everything I needed including letterhead and my business card was created flawlessly. I would recommend her to anyone. She is extraordinary, I wouldn’t be where I am without her!