Case Study: Elated Complements logo

Elated Complements is a fashion accessory brand with a dedication to environmental sustainability. The target audience is electronic music parties and festival spectators. The fact that I was designing this logo for a dear friend made it extra challenging, with me wanting to create something extraordinary. The design had a single constraint – it must contain either a heart or a moon, and a moon seemed more appropriate. During the creative process, I made many sketches and pen-drawn prototypes that I’ve included in the gallery below.


Yellow & Orange: Yellow is linked with cheerfulness, happiness, optimism. It inspires hope and enthusiasm and embodies energy, confidence and fun. Orange is a very social colour, making people open up and enhance their communication. It is a very inviting colour; it is used decoratively because gets people talking and promotes a positive mood.

Black: Symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, sophistication. Black was the perfect counterpoint to the light and happy yellows.


Beyno, the font used for ‘ELATED’ is heavily modified for the logo design. It was chosen for its futuristic/technological appearance and suggests elegance, sophistication, and something mysterious beyond our reach, something that can’t be spoken, only experienced.
The ‘Complements’ font is Scotland. It is a script font in stark contrast with the angular shapes of Elated. It stands for movement, flow and elevation.
The recommended complementary font is the Universe family. It is a sans-serif font with many styles so it easily accommodates the need for headline and content text.


Besides the condition of a moon being a part of the design, my mood vision was a music festival under a starry sky with beautifully dressed people, light effects, dance, glitter, happiness, and joy. The smaller moon stands for jewelry, accessories, and is suggestive of a sophisticated bracelet. The influence for the big moon is stars & planets, the universe. It is meant to appear glittery, like light effects and reflections of a disco ball. Together the two words mix a flowing, natural sense with a serious, elegant style.