Visual / Brand Identity

This is the form of a business presentation to the public that seeks to make a memorable impression on potential clients. The central pillar of your brand identity is a logo, followed by typography, colours, and images. Your logo, business cards, website, etc., are a complex sample of visual communication with your clientele.

Logo, Business cards, Website, Letterheads, Estimates, Invoices, Reports, Bulletins & Newsletters, Manuals etc.

Marketing & Advertising Materials

A way of communicating your products or services online or through print. Graphic design helps to make your message appealing and attractive to your customers. It is an opportunity to show and explain to your audience the benefits and advantages of your product or service.

Brochures, Posters, Banners, Catalogs, Flyers, Magazines, Marketing e-mails, Newspaper & Magazine Ads, Profile & Cover Photos, Social Media Ads & Banners, Vehicle Wraps, etc.

Packaging & Label Design

The most beautiful and my personal favourite niche of design. You develop your product and now it is time to cover it in outstanding packaging. I do not only create original designs, which often include hand-drawn elements (watercolour illustrations, pen/ink drawings), but also consultations during container/packaging selection. A beautiful and functional package is what your product deserves.

Labels, Boxes, Mockups, 3D Models, Hand Drawings, Watercolour Illustrations, Patterns, etc.

Promotional & Exhibition Materials

A great opportunity to get noticed by roll-up banners, office 3D logo signage, etc.
I am here to help you create most of your space in an exhibition or office.

Banners, Roll-ups banners, 3D Signage, Orientation Systems, Mugs, Pens, T-shirts etc.

Web Design

Setting up your website could be challenging. I am here to help you set up a website on the WP platform that you would be able to manage on your own or be part of the sophisticated process of creating a visual design template for updating your website to the next level.

Websites, Web Banners, etc.

Motion Graphics

Do you want to stand out and add something striking to your promotional materials?
Even a little animated movement can do just that. I add animation to static designs, simply editing and processing in AfterEffects.

Web Banners and Online Ads, etc.