Are the pillar of your brand and business identity. It is not just a logo. This design element will accompany your business for years. You will see it every day. Logos should be simple and able to scale. The design approach has changed in the digital world and I sometimes break the simplicity to create an interesting design. Please look at the case studies to learn about some projects and stories behind designs & marks.

Brand/Visual Identity

This is where it all comes together. Your business cards, letterheads, envelopes, cups, pens, vehicles, and so on, all will display your logo for promotional and commercial use. I highly recommend requesting a brandmark. Brandmarks are typically PDF documents, where designers detail how your logo should or shouldn’t be used. Brandmark doesn’t only include your logo, but also fonts or recommended fonts and other design elements which were created during your brand identity journey. Please see more in case studies, where I show brandmark examples.

Labels & Packaging

It is my favourite aspect of graphic design. I often draw or use watercolours in designing labels. I avoid stock photos and always encourage my customers to retain the services of a professional photographer. How your product looks has a huge impact on your sales and the willingness of the consumer to purchase your goods. Your trust means a lot to me and I do my best to create a functional and appealing design. I use my knowledge of print technologies to deliver something unique. Included in this process are mock-ups and 3D models.

Business Cards

Who pays attention to them? Everyone! It is your first business impression and everyone knows the importance of good first impressions. Hand out a card that’s striking and memorable.

Drawings/Patterns/Watercolour Paintings

My formal design education had a strong emphasis on the ability of painting, drawing, sketching. I start every new project with a sketchbook and pencil. Instead of using stock libraries many times, I make the content myself to provide the originality of the design. See more in the case studies. I paint oil and acrylic painting in my free time please see more under the artwork button.