Graphic design trends oh wait, no?!

I planned to write about graphic design trends, but then… Hmmm You know that feeling when you start thinking about something and more and more ideas coming to your head? Starting with present trends felt like I am starting in the middle. So today I would like to mention the three common design failures.

Keep it simple. Please keep in mind that your audience is similarly busy like you are. Any of your designs should be transparent for a customer to understand your service or product’s at first look. It is something cool about being different and shocking sometimes, but our brains are unfortunately very lazy and simple designs have better business feedback. If you have a painting company show roller and paint on your website and in your promotional materials instead of someone laying on a sofa and relaxing.

Keep it simple with your designer. Too much inspiration is no good! Yes, digital time provides us with endless options of shapes, hues, shades, fonts. Designers themselves sometimes get lost in so many options and variants and if we bring customers to our workstation, it could create long hours of small changes which they are mostly unrecognizable. Keep it in mind that if you blink and don’t recognize the difference it is not worth it. And trust me I am obsessively detailed oriented.

Three font rules. You will need your “body” font which you will use for text content I would recommend that you will look for an option with many styles. This font should be simple and easy to read. Your “headline” type of font, something which will stand out and will be in contrast with your content, logo etc. I will reserve font number three for your logo design. More than that looks busy and unprofessional. Please do not do more than three. Photos. Yes, there are infinity sources of beautiful generic photos and designers love to use them because they always look great, but you can run into a situation where you see the same picture multiple times. Hire a professional photographer they are not that expensive how you think. Do your research, but I would recommend being as much authentic as possible. After all, it is your business you are doing something unique please show it to us we are curious and interested in other human beings it is a great tool to use in your business presentation.